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Self-Testing COVID Test Kit - Home Test

For those people who need COVID-19 Rapid Test results, we, bioercon, are glad to offer the COVID-19 rapid test kit online and offline.


As the COVID disease continues to gain attenion of all over the world, it is quite important in the next few days that we protect ourselves and our families with the home-test COVID-19 rapid testing. For people who don't have patience to wait a whole day or weeks for the results of their COVID test.  Bioercon COVID-19 rapid test kit can let us have our accurate diagnosis in less than 20 minutes!

Introducing the BIOERCON COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

The latest technology is available with BIOERCON technology. This is a fast COVID test device that provides patients with convenience and efficacy with instant results on demand.

BIOERCON COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit is a portable, rapid molecular device that is critical to getting a rapid COVID-19 diagnosis. It uses advanced molecular testing to quickly detect novel coronavirus obtained from a patient swab. Physicians consider the proven technology to be the gold standard in COVID testing.

Every minute of yours counts

The benefit of COVID at-home testing is that it can give us an immediate results of whether recent contact with an infected person has resulted in an active infection.

Additionally, quick results are useful for people who need to prove that they can get back to work, to study within one hour.

Not having to wait days or weeks for results to know that you have COVID-19, this quick test helps us take control of our own lives just in 20 minutes.


Armed with the knowledge of a proper diagnosis, subjects can immediately begin isolation to ensure the safety of others as they recover.

As a benefit of rapid COVID testing, we can stay informed and safe, especially when the environment around us is harsh. With rapid testing, more patients can be tested within one hour to determine if and how the virus is spreading locally.

Equipped with modern virus detection technology and extensive user manual, now you can get an accurate diagnosis within 20 minutes!

Additional Q&A Resources
How much does Home-test COVID Testing cost?

While most insurance covers basic COVID testing, many patients require the peace of mind that comes with home test results. Rapid tests just incur a little out-of-pocket cost, and when every minute matters, it is well worth the cost. Cash is the accepted payment method for same-day results at this time.

What should you do if you get a positive test result?

A positive diagnosis can be scary, but we're here to help you every step of the way.

If you test positive for COVID, take quick action to protect yourself and your family's health as quickly as possible. Self-isolation for two weeks will help prevent the spread. We should stay at home as much as possible unless we have to go to the hospital. If you must go out, wear a medical mask and wash your hands frequently. It is also necessary to communicate the diagnosis to anyone you may have recently come into contact with to prevent cross-contamination.


What does a negative COVID test mean?

A negative COVID test result simply means that we were not infected at the time of the test. Please keep in mind that a negative COVID test result does not guarantee that you will not contracted COVID-19 recently.

Even if you test negative, be sure to continue wearing a mask in public, wash your hands regularly, avoid large crowds and travel as less as possible according to local government guidelines.


Attention Please


It is recommended that everyone get tested at home or at work, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. In particular, if you:

• Have recently exhibited suspected symptoms of COVID-19

• Have been in "close contact" with someone have got COVID-19 in the past two weeks

-If you have tested positive for COVID in the past 2 days, you do not need to be tested as long as you do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

• Just returned from abroad, no matter what country or region, mainly because of the large number of people you may contact with

• have been asked to investigate COVID-19 infection

- If someone around, where you have lived in the past two weeks, has been infected with Covid

• not vaccinated and

- Have been living or studing in a place that requires a COVID-19 vaccine or regular testing in the past two weeks

- Participated in events with larger crowds

- Currently employed or attending school