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Bioercon News


Who are we?And how to contact us.


Who are we?

There are always some people who ask who we are.

Actually, I would love to tell them who we are and what we do.

However, they are just too many.

We have to write this down and show them this article and finally, we both understand this easily.


All right then, Who are we?

We are champions for healthier, safer lives.

We, Bio Ercon LLC, are a trading company in America. And we have factories in China, which contain more than mask factories, glove factories, and the IVD rapid antigen test manufacturer.

One of our companies is the Rock 13 industries LLC, which is located also in the same place as Bio Ercon LLC. You can see this on our page:

And our address is 1680 Michigan Ave, Suite 800, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Plus our phone number, +1 305 501 3000.

Email Address info (at)


Our values

We are professionals committed to integrity and excellence in health.

With a spirit of collaboration and an unwavering commitment to science, we cooperate reliably to care for your health.

In the face of the COVID-19 disease, we work together to resist the risk of the virus with our strongest medical equipment.


Our structure

Bio Ercon LLC is the leader of our companies. The rest of the companies come from Rock Fintek LLC, UK. Rock 13 Industires LLC, US. Ercon, China. Med Ercon, China. Bioercon, China. Avlanche, Australia. Lvtang, China. And We have a total of more than 10 factories supporting us with the most useful medical glove, medical masks, disposable gloves, rapid antigen test kit in China.


Our agent

We cooperate with anti-COVID-19 organizations all over the world, and we are also actively looking for distributors with strong power in your country. If you are willing to be our distributor and partner, you can also contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you, please mail to: info at